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Kevin’s services were of tremendous help. He gave me tools to help me figure out what is most important to me and to center myself. And in the middle of our series of sessions, I lost a major contract that I was counting on to achieve my goals. At first it was devastating, but I recovered quickly and set my mind back on my proper path thanks to the tools Kevin gave me. I am far happier today because of Kevin’s help. I highly recommend him. – Paul


When I began my coaching journey with Kevin, I was also in weekly talk therapy. As our journey progressed, I found that more and more I was telling my therapist about the work I was doing with Kevin – the exercises and practices and their positive, sometimes surprising, results. Kevin’s coaching is NOT therapy. What it is is a series of exercises, practices, and discussions that offer practical ideas and applications for how one can discover a new, more successful, way of being. I left Kevin with an established meditation practice which is something I had never been able to do before and which continues to this day almost six months after we started. Another practice learned from Kevin provides me access to feeling and the ability to go through an emotion to a better state on the other side. Being a part of Kevin’s coaching practice is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. This is solid, practical, use-everyday stuff, and sessions with Kevin are enhanced by his warm, empathetic manner, and his clear desire that you benefit from your time with him. I’ve been through all kinds of programs and coaching with Kevin has had the best and most lasting results. – Mark


I was stuck and didn’t know what I wanted to do next. Along came the opportunity to work with Kevin. Kevin’s patient and calm demeanor quickly put me at ease. Our work began with our developing a metaphor for the part of me that was “protecting” me. He then designed practices that over our time together helped me to better understand the parts of me that were protecting me and keeping me stuck. The practices also allowed me to begin to build new capabilities that allowed me to move forward. Kevin was insightful and non-judgmental. He helped me rediscover my core self. Kevin also has the utmost integrity, and has a true passion for coaching. I continually reflect on our practices and appreciate the “personal myths” he helped me to dispel. -Chris

Kevin and I have been working together for the past 2 and half years.  He has been able to help articulate my stuck places and suggested how to unstuck them.  I am grateful for his ability to listen and let me figure out the methods that work best for me.  He is compassionate and understanding and I am in a much better place today because of his individual undivided attention to the problems that I have encountered.  I am grateful our paths have crossed and would certainly recommend his services. – Dene