Coaching for LTI, Grief and Loss



Coaching for Life Threatening Illness (LTI), Grief or Loss is a unique coaching methodology focused on meeting you, the client exactly where your are in your process – whether it coping with a diagnosis of a life threatening illness or grieving or dealing with some other loss – and staying with you on your unique journey. It us much less structured than the work I do as an Integral Life Coach both in terms of the scheduling of visits and the length of time that we work together.

The focus from session to session in this field of coaching will be to partner with you exactly where you are on any given day. You will proceed at the pace that you need and my job will be to listen deeply and compassionately and support you wherever you are. I will ask you questions that will enable you to appreciate your own growth  and gain insights into your journey. Unlike much of the rest of world where people don’t seem to want to listen, as your Coach for LTI, Grief and Loss I will listen to anything that you want and need to say. Anything.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you as your Coach for Life Threatening Illness (LTI), Grief or Loss.

You can contact me by sending me an email  or calling me at 302-754-1954 for a complimentary coaching conversation.