Integral Coaching



Integral Coaching is a program of coaching that will normally take 4-5 months. Conversations will be held every 2 weeks.  Our work will begin with the Intake Conversation.

Intake Conversation (1½ hours). Individual coaching will normally last 4-5 months. Our coaching relationship will begin with an Intake Conversation of 1½ hours. In this conversation I will be learning as much about you as possible. In the give and take of the conversation, where I will be mostly listening and asking questions, we will together compose a brief one sentence description of your “topic”. The topic we develop will define your primary goal for our work together.

Offer Conversation (1 – 1½ hours). A week or two following the Intake Conversation we will schedule an Offer Conversation. Between the time of the Intake and the Offer Conversations I will spend several hours assessing all that you’ve shared with me and, based on that assessment, sketch out a draft of a proposed individualized coaching program for you. In the conversation I will present this proposed program to you and we’ll spend most of our time in the conversation working together to refine the coaching program so that it accurately reflects your goals and developmental objectives. At the conclusion of this conversation I will also present you with both a Self-Observation Exercise (SOE) and a Foundation Practice. The SOE is an exercise that will ask you to spend the two or three weeks until we next meet taking a hard and thorough look at your present situation and why it’s now limiting you. The Foundation Practice is a practice that will underlie and support the overall work that we will be doing in our work together. This practice will not change every week and at most you’ll be given 2-3 of these practices over the entire time we work together.

Cycles of Development Conversations (1 hour). The conversations that follow the Offer Conversation are called Cycles of Development (COD) Conversations. In total we would expect to have between 6 and 8 CODs. In each such conversation we will talk about the previous exercise or practice you were given (and the journaling you will have done as part of the exercise or practice) and work together on creating a new practice for you. We call these practices Focus Practices. Their purpose is to help you build capabilities that are going to make you more able to meet your developmental objectives and your topic. It is very important that clients understand that progress in achieving their developmental objectives and topic will require a sincere effort on their part to do their practices conscientiously. Doing the practices and the journaling associated with them will be a significant aspect of our work together. The COD conversation itself, in which we talk about your experience with the practice, will also be a key aspect of the work.

Closing Conversation (1 hour). When we are in agreement that our work has sufficiently progressed to conclude our work together, we will schedule a Closing Conversation. While the decision to close, and indeed any decision as to the length of our work together, is ultimately the client’s, it is usual that it will be the result of a mutual understanding between client and the coach that the client has made sufficient progress in their topic to conclude the coaching program. In this conversation we will review the course of our work together and your progress and say all that we need to say to end our relationship.