Integral Coaching™


 Life Coaching as an Integral Professional Coach™ 

Do you deeply desire change in your personal or professional life — change that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own?

As your Integral Professional Coach, I can help you make that change by helping you to begin growing again.

Relatively unique in the coaching world, Integral Coaching is focused on building one’s capabilities and capacities so as to be able to ‘grow’ into a larger self – a self that is both more self-aware and more able to tackle the specific issues that brought one to coaching. I’m going to call those specific issues and desires the ‘coaching topic’. It’s typically expressed as ‘what the client wants to be more able to do or achieve’ as the result of our work together. It will be the linchpin of our work.

The bottom line is that should you choose to work with me as your Integral Professional Coach, it will be all about your personal growth and development. Put in a larger context, from the time we’re born we begin to grow, not just physically, but emotionally, cognitively, interpersonally, spiritually, somatically and morally to name a few of a dozen or more specific growth areas or developmental ‘lines’. Some of us continue to grow (develop) in these areas beyond our teens and twenties, but for most of us, like our physical growth, this other growth slows or virtually stalls at some point.

Thus, when you begin working with me as an Integral Coach, I will assess those specific capabilities and capacities where I conclude growth is necessary for the you to achieve your individualized coaching topic. You see, without that new growth, you’ll remain unable to achieve your coaching topic. It’s why you probably haven’t yet been able to achieve it on your own. You simply don’t have the capability (new muscle)!

An apt analogy is to the Personal Trainer that helps an athlete to attain performance objectives through physical exercises. Without the building of ‘new muscle’ neither the athlete in training nor you as the client in coaching, will be able to achieve your respective growth or performance objectives.

Consider giving me a call and letting me help you to achieve something in your life that’s really important to you but that you’ve found hard to attain on your own. The reason it’s been hard to attain is that it requires new muscle (growth) that is very difficult to discern and build on your own.

Are you ready to start growing again?

My job as your coach will be to partner with you on this journey, building a safe and trusting relationship where anything and everything can be shared.

I’m always available for a complimentary coaching conversation. I can be reached at 302-754-1954 or

In closing, it might be helpful to share with you some of the reasons people come to coaching:

  • A situation where life is demanding a response from you, in the form of a new job, a career move, a new relationship, or a pending retirement;
  • A feeling of being stuck or being called to a new path and new challenges and opportunities;
  • A situation at work that demands a different approach as something is no longer working as you want or need it to;
  • Finding your self and identity in a much too-busy world;
  • Achieving balance between work and family;
  • A life pattern that you want to change;
  • A need for greater spiritual connection and grounding.

It can be about many things. Whatever it is, you will likely be sensing that it’s time for change, time to start moving forward again.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you as your Integral Coach™.

As noted above you can always contact me by sending me an email  or calling me at 302-754-1954 for a complimentary coaching conversation.

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